Skyview Discipline and Rewards

Student Handbook 2019-2020.docx

Skyview's Reward & Disciplinary Plan

(When students are in class, teachers will utilize Class Dojo to document behavior points.)

Rewards/Incentives for Positives:
To participate in school-wide events: Students will need to have a certain percentage of positive dojos overall. The actual percentage will be determined by the administration.

Appropriate restroom behavior
Follows Directions
Great Hallway behavior
Great specialty behavior
Helping Others
Mask On
On task
Respectful to Teachers
Shows responsibility
Working hard

Each 9 weeks Skyview will have a PBIS Celebration. To attend this celebration students, need to obtain 80% which will be equivalent to an "S" for conduct, they will attend 40 minutes of the celebration. Students who have obtained 90% which is equivalent to an "O" Outstand for conduct, will attend the whole time.

Needs Work
AR Violation
DNM AR Expectation (Did not meet)
Disruption of the Classroom
Dress Code Violation
Excessive Talking
Inappropriate Hallway Behavior
Insulative language to Peers
Insulative language towards adults 
Minor physical aggression
Not following directions
Out of Seat
Technology Violation

Automatic Office Referral:
Continuous Abusive, Inappropriate language
Major Technology Violation
Bomb Threat
Gang affliction
Fighting- Student is involved in an incident involving direct physical violence where continuous hitting, punching, hitting with an object and kicking another student.
Sexual harassment
School property damage
Alcohol/Drug possession
Major Theft (stealing school technology equipment, money, taking items out of the teacher's desk or purse, money or items taken from school sales.)
And any other Level III violation as indicated in Bibb County Code of Conduct

Discipline Process:

For Needs Work Dojo points(accumulated during the week and reset at the start of each week):

  • 4 points: walking detention during recess (walking detention documented in dojo).
  • 6 points: walking detention and parent contact (walking detention documented in dojo and documentation of parent conference in infinite campus))
  • 10 points: walking detention and counselor referral (walking detention documented in dojo, and other documentation in IC)
  • 12 points: walking detention and office referral (walking detention documented in dojo, parent copy sent, copies of all the above provided to admin, along with office referral).

Administrative Progress Discipline Process for Chronic Level 1 & Level 2 Offenses:

  • First office referral for 12 points: Administrative Time Out & Admin mandatory parent conference (Student will not be able to participate in any special school events (dances, parties etc) for a 9 week period
  • Second office referral for 12 points: ISS 1 day
  • Third office referral for 12 points: ISS 2 days
  • Fourth office referral for 12 points: ISS 3 days AND teacher implements an RTI for behavior.
  • Fifth office referral for 12 points:OSS 1 day
  • Sixth office referral for 12 points: OSS 2 days AND Functional Behavioral Assessment is conducted by Teacher or district intervention behavior specialist. A Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) will also be developed with assistance by the district intervention behavior specialist.
  • Seventh office referral for 12 points: OSS 3 days - Admin considers evidentiary hearing for alternative placement.
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