Character Education

At Skyview Elementary we support the districts mission to help students build character. Every week students are introduced to a new character word, and the words are reinforced in every classroom and every area of the school. Students are given opportunities from the moment they enter Sky Mountain to demonstrate good character. We are the MACON MIRACLE!!!



Related Qualities


Aug. 13-17

Aug. 20-24

Aug. 27-31

Responsibility- Carrying out a duty/task carefully and thoroughly

Punctuality- Being on time

Courtesy- Well mannered conduct which results in polite treatment to others


Sept. 3-7

Sept. 10-14

Sept. 17-21

Sept. 24-28

Self-Discipline-Control of one’s actions, emotions, or behaviors often in order to improve oneself

Self-Control- Having the will to control your actions and feelings

Perseverance- Working hard without giving up

Courage- To meet a challenge without giving in to fear


Oct. 1-5

Oct. 8-12

Oct. 15-19

Oct. 22-26

Pride- A feeling of healthy self respect and personal worth

School pride- Proper delight or satisfaction in your school’s achievement and status

Sportsmanship- Following the rules of the contest and accepting victory or loss graciously

Cleanliness- Good habits of grooming; neat and tidy


Oct. 29-Nov. 2

Nov. 5-9

Nov. 12-16

Nov. 26-Nov. 30

Democracy- Fair rule with each person having a vote

Citizenship- Demonstrating your rights as a member of the community

Patriotism- Respectful devotion to our country; loyalty to the democratic values on which our country was founded

Loyalty- Faithful to a person, team, or your country; true to a promise or a duty


Dec. 3-7

Dec. 10-14

Dec. 17-21

Charity- Goodwill, generosity, and kindness toward humanity

Compassion- Showing concern or sympathy of others

Generosity- Willing to give and share unselfishly


Jan. 7-11

Jan. 14-18

Jan. 21-25

Jan. 28-Feb. 1

Justice- Fairness, equality, and tolerance

Tolerance- To respect the individual differences, views, and beliefs of others

Patience- The power to wait calmly without complaining

Cheerfulness- Good humored, bright, and pleasant


Feb. 4-8

Feb. 11-15

Feb. 18-22

Feb. 25-March 1

Trustworthiness- Being dependable and honest with others; keeping your promises

Honesty- To be truthful and sincere

Fairness- Free from favoritism

Virtue- Displaying good character

March/Work Ethic

March 4-8

March 11-15

March 18-22

April 1-5

Work Ethic- Using moral principal to meet obligations while working

Diligence- Working hard in a careful, steady manner

Cooperation- Working together for a common purpose

Creativity- Having imagination, inventiveness, and originality


April 8-12

April 15-19

April 22-26

Respect- A feeling of admiration or high regard for someone or something

Respect for the Creator- To feel or show honor to the one who created the universe

Respect for the Environment- To care for and conserve the land, trees, clean air, pure water, and all living things

May/Respect Review

April 29-May 3

May 6-10

May 13-21

Respect for Others- To demonstrate a concern for others

Respect for Self- To demonstrate a positive opinion of yourself

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